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2012 ISO/TC2 International Fasteners Standardization Technical Committee Meeting Held Successfully in Sydney

2012 ISO/TC2 International Fasteners Standardization Technical Committee Meeting, executed by Australian National Bureau of Standards, was successfully held on Oct. 15th to 19th, 2012 inSydney,Australia. There were 38 experts from 14 countries ofChina,Germany, US,France,UK,Italy,Australia,Japan,Switzerland,Sweden,Canada,Belgium,IndiaandSouth Koreaparticipating in the meeting.

Chinese delegation was consisted of three members. They were Mr. Ding Baoping, general secretary of the National Fastener Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC85), Mr. Ren Hebing, senior engineer of Lianyungang Xingyi Fastener Co., Ltd, and Mr. Song Weidong, general manager of Shaoxing Sunny High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd. This was the fifth time for Chinese delegation to take part in ISO/TC2 International Fasteners Standardization Technical Committee Meeting since its participation in the Paris Annual Meeting in 2005, the Sweden Annual Meeting in 2007, the Switzerland Annual Meeting in 2008, and the Japan Annual Meeting in 2010.

The experts on-site listened carefully and considered the 117 standard texts, proposals and agenda on CD, DIS, FDIS submitted by ISO/TC2 sub-technical committee of SC7, SC11, SC12, and SC14 in the last year.China, being a P member, scrutinized every item of the standard texts, proposals and agenda as well, putting forward modification suggestions in accordance with Chinese working experience on fastener standardization and voting on the disagreed opinions, which won the ratification and affirmation from onsite experts, especially fromGermanySecretary General.

Chinawas the large manufacturing country of fasteners, playing an important role in the production and trade in worldwide. ThatChinaparticipated in the formulating and modification on ISO international standard was an important and helpful in boosting Chinese fastener standardization.

Participating in ISO international meeting was beneficial forChina, which could makeChinalearn the background and procedures on the formulating of international standards as well as learn the difficulties and debate focus on the modification of international standards. Especially whenChinajoined in WTO, participating in ISO international meeting became more important in avoiding technical barrier during trade, in entering international markets, and in formulating Chinese technical regulations and standards which should base on international standards.

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